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Bryan is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist and Author. He founded 1iMALL.COM an internet MALL collaborative in 1998 to create WEALTH for a finite number of Visionaries. He also created The 800 Club™ – this is a fix for what is broken with the Network Marketing industry, and it is disrupting the industry.

Click to see a video of me explaining 0% unemployment plan for a 17,000 member church!1iMALL.COM, formerly known as MADvoice.com (M.A.D. is an acronym for Making A Difference.), has been in Black Enterprise magazine; newspapers such as Rolling Out, The Urban Business Journal, L.A. Watts Times, Our Weekly; and on the Black Enterprise Report.  Bryan has spoken with highly respected names such as Les Brown, Tavis Smiley, George Fraser, Russell Simmons and Gerri Detweiler, just to name a few. Bryan refers to Abe Thompson (a very close friend to Oprah), Emmitt McHenry (the inventor of .com) and Dr. J. Owens Smith, (a brilliant political Scientist) as three of his Jegnas.

Bryan's birthdate, March 4, 1962, is very apropos. March forth is a command to "move forward" and that is exactly what Bryan does.  In 1973 at 11 years old, Bryan won the “I AM SOMEBODY” essay contest and was the star of the KABC nationally televised contest.  His mother helped him write the essay; however, Bryan spoke that he would be somebody into his reality from impoverished Watts, California.   Bryan's mother, Mary Franklin, and God helped Bryan and his brothers to believe that they could be anything they wanted to be without limits.  His brother, Dr. Rodney Franklin M.D., did it from the hood and their oldest Brother, Derick Franklin, the Safety Specialist for the United States Postal Service, helped his younger brothers reach for their dreams while living in the hood.  Both of Bryan's brothers are proud members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

Bryan was identified as "Gifted" at an early age as per the criteria of CAgifted.org.  He started his first job at WLCAC in 1976 at 14 years old.  He attended Alain Leroy Locke High School in Watts, class of 1979, and is a proud alumnus of Control Data Institute, class of 1984. Bryan was hired as a Field Engineer by Trace Instruments in 1984 and by 1989, Bryan was promoted to the position of Field Engineering Manager and all of the Field Engineers reported to Bryan World wide.  He is considered one of the World’s experts on the subject of testing of bare Printed Circuit Boards. Being an expert in his field, General Electric, G.E. called on his Technology Company, Franklin-Choi Corp., (FCC) which he founded in 1991 to support G.E.'s plastics division from 1997 to 2005. FCC grossed $2.3 million in sales in 2001. In 2004, Bryan was awarded the D.J. Alumni award by ImpactRecordPool.com led by Dannie "Fut" James, (R.I.P.) and Tracy Kendrick.

Bryan opens his vast connections to any paid 1iMALL.COM Member on a per case basis. Although Bryan is a CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT strategist, he will assist with CAPITAL INFUSION for a 10% consulting fee.  He is a capital development strategist for the Council of Black Political Organizations under the guidance of Dr. David Horne. He is an author for Business & Economics for Citizendium.org which was created by the co-founder of Wikipedia.com.  Bryan is a member-at-large of the California African American Political and Economic Institute (CAAPEI.org) at California State University Dominguez Hills. He is proud to be the Chief Technology Officer, (CTO) for JobsCreatePeace.com, SPECTRUM international beauty expo and KingdomDayParade.org just to name a few.  He was also the Executive Producer of a major music project called Urbal.

He has two beautiful daughters, Mrs. Danielle Edwards, M.Ed, a proud Spelman College and UCLA alumna and a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., and Ryan Franklin, a gifted artist.

0% Unemployment with Bishop Noel Jones | ManOnTopFilm.com | $50KperDay.comMoblty.com | CrenshawBoulevard.com | WhatAdollarWillDo.com | Caught Up In Capitalism | MAKEitMEDIA.COM | HalalSupreme.org

Bryan functions as a Chief Technology Officer, (CTO) for several companies. 

In order for Bryan to advise, consult, teach, meet, refer or review any materials or ideas, one MUST select Plan A-D. (IT = level 1, MIS = level 2, CIO = level 3, CTO = level 4 and Futurist = level 5)

Plan A: $199/hour

Plan B: $199/week for up to 2 hours for special projects.

Plan C: $199 1iMALL.COM membership + mutually beneficial barter + at least (1) 1iMALL.COM enrollment/week for these reasons RichPeopleRead.com + Shopping link on your website. 

Plan D: I'll meet anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner on you at this Denny's.

The following are other websites/urls that are owned by Bryan:

1iMAIL.COM | 1iRADIO.COM | 1iSEARCH.COM | 1iVIDEO.COM | 50KperDay.com | ACTS2.BIZ | BailOutStayOut.com | BLACK365.COM | BLACK365.NET | BLACK365.ORG | BlackMonday.biz | CrenshawBoulevard.com | DonateByShopping.com | MLMtheMYTH.com RichPeopleRead.com | SpiritualityHealthWealth.com | The800Club.com

Tele-Conference line: (559) 726-1300 access code: 470651#

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